Don and Bev Campbell:

Life can and should be rich, full, and rewarding.

Holistic Management has helped us live a wonderful life.

We have the desire, experience, and tools to help you achieve the same success.


“We hired Don to help us with our financial planning, budgeting and decision making. He helped us to record our projected income and expenses in easily understood terms. He showed us how and where to cut expenses to increase profit. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful but as a bonus he helped us to examine our goals closely and encouraged us to look at our spiritual selves for more insights.” –Dennis & Laurie Duncan, Bentley, Alberta

“Don’s consulting has helped us focus on what’s important to us with our finances, land and family. His consulting was well worth it for the time and money invested.” Gus & Yvonne Garnier, Marwayne, Alberta

“It was a pleasure to have Don and Bev facilitate our weekend refresher course. Their expertise and positive attitude allowed our group to openly discuss sensitive issues. Through an optimistic and enthusiastic approach to Holistic Management, Don and Bev helped to create a higher level of group interaction. By speaking from the heart Don and Bev demonstrated the power of belonging to a Holistic Management group.” Smoky Lake Holistic Management Group II, Smoky Lake, Alberta


Services Offered:

  1. Workshops in goal setting, financial and biological planning.
  2. Management club building.
  3. Inter-generational transfer.
  4. Individual family and business facilitation with people, land and finances
  5. Introducing Holistic Management to non-farm businesses

Contact us for our rates, or to discuss our services:

Phone: (306) 236-6088

Cell: (306) 240-7660

Fax: (306)236-2973

Email: doncampbell @ sasktel . net

*If for any reason you feel your investment in our service is not sound, there is an unconditional refund.