Bluesette Campbell Consulting:

Holistic Management has helped me live a life rich with experience and meaning.

There isn’t any reason you can’t achieve the goals you desire, unless you are the one standing in the way. Do I hear a paradigm shift coming?

Life isn’t always smooth. I aspire to share my experiences and the tools I have learned through Holistic Management to help you achieve the same successes in life that my family has on the B-C Ranch despite the bumps in the road.


“I loved how it brought and strongly encouraged better communication in our operation. This community, in itself, is so valuable.” – Course participant, 2021

“It is a completely different way of thinking about land, livestock and people. Such a very good course” -Course participant, 2022, Conquest, SK

“Delivery of content was above and beyond. Gifted, professional, open, approachable, an excellent listener and articulate.” – Course participant, 2021, Greig Lake, SK

“I feel inspired to try! Our new management group will hold each other accountable.” -Course participant, 2022, Alonsa, MB

“We have already started weekly meetings with the team and have big plans for our pasture(fencing, improved grazing) while focusing on the goal.”  -Course participant, 2021

Services Offered:

  1. Workshops in whole farm/ranch planning, goal setting, financial and biological planning
  2. Management club building
  3. Succession/transfer planning
  4. Individual family and business facilitation with people, land and finances
  5. Introducing Holistic Management to non-farm businesses

Contact us for our rates, or to discuss our services:

Phone: (306) 240-8044

Email: bluesettecampbell @ gmail . com

*If for any reason you feel your investment in our service is not sound, there is an unconditional refund.

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by Don Campbell