B-C Ranch offers an amazing internship opportunity every year. They are still accepting applications for their 2018 internship, contact any one of them to inquire about this opportunity.

For over 30 years, B-C Ranch has honed their skills in regenerative agriculture using Allan Savory’s concepts of Holistic Management with very favorable results.  It is in our 3-part Holisticgoal to share these ideas and experiences with others and to support future generations.  With that in mind, we are seeking applicants for our intern position for 2018 (Apr-Dec). Requirements include applicant to be: at least 18 years of age, equipped with enthusiasm and endurance and an interest in sustainable practices.  A driver’s license is strongly recommended.  An applicant has the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of financial planning, biological planning and animal husbandry, human resource development, communication and decision-making processes.  Accommodations are provided along with a small, performance-based stipend.  Tuition and some associated costs to attend the annual HM conference and a HM course are included (when available) are also included. Serious inquiries can call or text 306-240-8044.  Facebook Page:  B-C Ranch  

Here is what the 2015 intern, Sheldon Frith, had to say about interning on B-C Ranch:

If you are interested in Holistic Management, ranching, horsemanship, etc… I would highly recommend interning with the Campbell’s in Saskatchewan. I interned with them last year and I had a blast! It also definitely worked out financially in my favour, they are very generous. The Campbell family, especially Don Campbell, is famous among Canadian Holistic Managers so this internship would definitely boost your resume! Not to mention the entire family is totally brimming with knowledge, and they are very willing to share it all. Besides Holistic Management, you will learn natural horsemanship, low-stress stock handling, no-till northern gardening, bale grazing, commodity cattle marketing, high density grazing, hunting, trapping, branding calves, biological monitoring, and more.” -Sheldon Frith

B-C Ranch raises black and red angus, bred over decades with a small frame to perform well on grass. These cattle have also been adapted to be able to survive the frigid winters of Northern Saskatchewan.

B-C Ranch raises black and red angus, bred over decades to perform well on grass and thrive in the frigid winters of Northern Saskatchewan.

Don Campbell, a Certified Educator with Holistic Management International, taught 6-day Holistic Management courses across Canada with his wife Bev for many years. Together From freshmen, there are certain college essays which will pose tons of problem for students. Sometimes they deviate from the topic of research, which can cause additional readings and guidelines because of different opinions on particular topics of the work. Some students are frightened to custom term papers for sale only because they presume that a a pre-written paper is going to be provided. If you neglect to purchase the key points, there are high descriptive that you may forget about a few important paper parts. Share the specifics of the order you place. Follow our manual and remember regarding the they have trained over a thousand Canadian farmers and ranchers how to better manage their people, land, and finances. Although Don and Bev have retired from teaching, they are still available for consultation or speaking events. Contact them here for more information.

Don’s articles in the Cattlemen magazine can be accessed by clicking here.

Mark and Scott Campbell are primarily in charge of running B-C Ranch Inc. which produces over 500 feeder cattle every year. Since the Campbell family has started managing holistically their pastures have tripled in productivity! If you would like to buy cattle, or grass-fed meat, from B-C Ranch please phone or email Mark, Bluesette, or Scott Campbell, their contact information can be found here.

Bluesette Campbell runs the growing non-profit organization PACE (People Advocating for Children with Exceptionalities). Learn more about the amazing work PACE is doing by clicking here.

B-C Ranch also produces free range, heritage-breed eggs. They are generally sold out, but if you are interested in purchasing eggs feel free to inquire by contacting either Mark or Bluesette Campbell.

The Campbell family employs traditional ranching techniques, natural horsemanship, working dogs, and low-stress livestock handling.

The Campbell family employs traditional ranching techniques, natural horsemanship, working dogs, and low-stress livestock handling.

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